System Development for Non-bank Loan Company

Due to confidentiality restrictions we are not able to provide specific properties about the system.

Non-bank loan provider was in need of a system that would automate regular day-to-day business transactions – from checking a client's financial history in various databases to calculating monthly payments and providing automatic billing.

We undertook full development of this system according to client requirements that involved extensive data migration from the previous system. As a result, we automated and optimized several dozen business transactions. Currently, the system is being used by more than 200 company employees in different European countries.

The system provides:

  • Document template management and automatic document generation
  • Fully automated billing and delivery
  • Fully automated processing of incoming payments
  • Loan register and related functionality issues
  • Incoming and outgoing payment management (bank payment import/export)
  • Integration with external systems (insurance registers, debtor databases, etc.)
  • Loan-related financial calculation (monthly rates, GPL, IRR, etc.)
  • Reports (internal, transaction, financial)
  • Document management subsystem
  • Multi-currency and multi-language support

The system was developed based on the Ruby on Rails framework. Both for automated unit and feature tests 100% coverage is provided to ensure the system’s stability on a daily basis and the potential implementation of new functions (more than 6500 automated test scripts).

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