Our approach is simple.
We dig deep into your needs and come up with a vision of how we are going to achieve your goals - from detailed description of technical implementation to schematic layouts of your online service.


  • Business Requirement Analysis
  • UX and Graphical Design
  • Information Systems
  • Integrations
  • E-commerce Solutions
  • Client Self-service Portals
  • Business Process Management Systems
  • Document Management Systems
  • Specialized Solutions

Technologies and tools

In addition to standard tools like e-mail and video conferences (Google Meet, MS Teams or Zoom), we like to use Slack, JIRA, ClickUp, and Figma for planning and everyday communication. 

We have extensive knowledge and experience in PHP, Ruby and JavaScript programming languages. For development we use open-source frameworks Laravel and Ruby on Rails.

As for databases we mostly use MySQL in combination with Memcached and Redis for ultra-fast performance. For full-text search solutions we integrate Sphinx and Clusterpoint .

Our usual choice for the server setup is nginx web server running on Debian (Ubuntu) operating system. To avoid human mistakes all deployments are fully automated with Capistrano.

For code version control we use Git together with GitLab. We consistently apply automated testing tools like RSpec, PHPUnit and Capybara to ensure that everything works as intended. Bugs are reported to us automatically by Errbit.

Each new line of code is analysed by Scrutinizer for quality, security and readability and also double-checked by Brakeman for any security vulnerabilities.

To make sure that our websites are ready for large amounts of visitors, we use Apache jMeter for load testing and performance measurements. For applications with particularly high capacity requirements we might use Amazon Web Services to host the servers in the cloud.

Almost all our projects include integration with various third party solutions like ORACLE E-Business Suite, ORACLE CC&B, accounting software, credit card payment gateways, internet banking systems and the like.